Z-Dictionary 1.4

A free and easy to use English to Persian dictionary

Persian or Farsi is the main spoken language in Iran and other Mid-East countries. This little and free program allows you to translate English words into Persian and vice versa in an extremely easy way. You only need to write an English or Persian word that you need to translate it in the program's window. The translation will appear automatically in the results window. Alternatively, you can select the word to be translated and copy it using the right click menu or the CTRL+C keys. This will paste the word in the window automatically, so you don't need to do it using the menu or the keyboard.

The program also has an interesting feature: you can hear the right pronunciation of English words by pushing the speaker button at the right of the window. Unfortunately, this function is not available for Persian words, which would be a valuable addition.

All in all, it is a valuable, useful and easy-to-use program. If you are interested in the Persian language and want to learn some words, or if you are a Persian speaker and want to learn some English words with the correct pronunciation, then you may find this program useful.

Victor Hernandez
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